About Home Matters

...and the person behind Home Matters:


Home Matters started in Perth, Western Australia in September 2001.


I, Marianne, felt there was a need for helping people in their homes. People "In a mess", "In a muddle", confused, isolated or having health issues. They all needed someone with practical, fresh ideas and the energy to work with them.

Their homes hold a history; it can be from yesterday or 40 years ago. Often the photos and memorabilia have been neglected and the stories and identities left untold.

Or history can involve looking at the rubbish bin in the kitchen not being emptied, to the broken china in a bottom drawer. There comes a time when people feel they need to change their habits and live & manage with what they love in their spaces. I help people with this process.


As a Home & Office Organiser, I love the sounds my clients make while organising and sorting. “Oh, I have been looking for that!”, “Gee, that’s looking good”, “My children will love you, they can have their friends over”, “You have left me with dust!” There are also the giggles of satisfaction or the “oh, yes” as they walk up the passage to take something to its rightful home. "When are you coming back?"


After 19 years in business, I am still helping people to organise, downsize, reduce, reuse, dehoard, declutter and donate. The modern word declutter often is a negative word as some people think it means "forced to throw it out now." 


Clients phone me to revisit, to do another room, “tweak” the pantry, help their friend who is moving or take me to an area of their home they were too ashamed to show me on my first visit. It is a journey I love.


I am a Home Economist who worked in schools for many years.  I am married with two adult children and grandchildren.


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