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Organising questions you were afraid to ask.



Downsizing or just preparing to move home.


Q. "This home is getting too difficult to maintain and I need to start to clear the rooms. My family are too busy so I don't want to ask them. Where do I start?"


A. Firstly mention your concerns to a family member and emphasise that you are just needing support. You realise they are "time poor."

You could then get a Home Organiser to make a plan and work through the process. The family could then assist at intervals by choosing items that are precious to them and take them away.

Q. "Why am I totally disorganised?"


A. No one is totally disorganised. Look around your home - You have cutlery sorted or partly sorted in the top drawer.

Food to be chilled in the fridge. Clothes hanging in the robe. It is often the degree of organisation and the use of storage and space that contribute to the overwhelming feeling.

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From January 2003 Marianne has been sharing her tips with readers in Perth.

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